Participation fees
Due to the virtual status of the 2022 conference, the fees have been significantly reduced.

Individual submission: 20 euro - early-bird, 30 euro - regular (5 or 10 euro may be added for the crowdsourcing purposes)
PhD/Master student submission: 10 euro
Panel/workshop: 70 euro - early-bird, 80 euro - regular

Early-bird: before March 23, 2022
Regular: March 23 to April 1, 2022

The payments will be exchanged automatically to the Russian rouble; thus, slight corrections of the prices might be the case.
Please note that some virtual events may have additional pricing for online environments – information will be provided on the conference website and on our Facebook community, as well as via emailing.
The registration + payment form for the conference will be available by March 1.
You will need to fill in the registration data form (your credentials and affiliation), then you will be exposed to the explanatory part of the form, then to the selection of your payment type (participation type and country tier), and then to the payment form.

On having paid, you will receive two letters: one in English and one in Russian (a bank letter; we beg pardon for not being able to provide it in English). The first letter will inform you that you have registered but will advise to pay if you have not done so :) Please disregard it if you have recieved the second letter with a table-form report on your payment - it will start with a bank logo and words in Russian "АО Банк "ПСКБ" Электронная квитанция".

Please note that only one fee per presentation format (paper, panel, or workshop) is needed.

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